Development of Education Modules for Railway Service Systems

The European Union (EU) has initiated the process of technical harmonization of European railways with the directives issued on the construction, operation, maintenance, personnel training and safety of railway systems and supports the harmonization process. In this process new needs arise day by day in the training of personnel. The main purpose of this project is to ensure that railway enterprises achieve a high standard of service quality. The increase in service level leads us to focus on training existing staff and candidates to meet the needs of the industry. An infrastructure training program will be needed to increase the quality of training of existing staff and to train new personnel to be hired with appropriate qualifications in line with new service levels compatible with developing technologies.

In this context, railed systems have been formed with the idea of implementing a strategic partnership project aimed at bringing together the development, implementation, testing and dissemination of relevant institutions / organizations in the field of passenger services, which will lead to better quality education and innovative practices that can lead to institutional modernization. The desired strategic objective to be achieved with the project; by defining the passenger service system in the railway sector as a profession area and to show the training program which will be given to the personnel to be trained in this profession and thus to improve the quality of the passenger services.In this context; Railway systems are the most basic purpose of preparing the training program, materials and measurement tools for use in formal and in-service trainings on the AQF level 4 and level 5 occupations in the passenger services field.

Other objectives include;

  • With the project, the staff who work and work in the field of passenger services in the project have adequate facilities in the fields of consulting, ticketing, passenger purchasing, travel security, food and beverage service, passenger and baggage transfer, station and in-vehicle orientation and emergency services.

  • To establish appropriate new professional standards for the training program and the European Qualifications Framework, which will provide the necessary qualifications.

  • With the new training modules created within the scope of this project, to establish the Railway Systems Passenger Services program within Anadolu University Transportation Vocational High School, Institutions operating in the fields of education and employment in the railway sector are involved as project participants.

These participants;

  • Anadolu University Vocational School of Transportation: Department of Railway Systems Technology and a well-established university aimed at raising qualified personnel in the railway sector.

  • TCDD Transportation Inc.: The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Taşımacılık A.Ş was established on 4 June 2016 to provide railway infrastructure for high-speed and high-speed train transportation and to manage operations and traffic including railway construction.

  • ILKSEM: ILKSEM Training and Project Engineering Services Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. was established under the techno entrepreneur assistance program of  Ministry of Industry. İlksem has a long lasting experience in managing European projects and cooperate since 2004 with Gani Engineering  Ltd. Sti.  Dr. Ilknur TATAR  is responsible for managing and financing, reporting all activities to the coordinator.

  • EURO-CERT Academy: European Academy of Certification and Education gGmbH- is located in Berlin, capital of Germany in a region Brandenburg and was founded in December 2012. EURO-CERT is a Academy for Vocational Training and providing good conditions for the inclusion of people from other countries / educational institutions for a guest stay and learning with our experience.

  • CEIPES: CEIPES is a non-profit European organization with antennas in more than 8 European countries. CEIPES’ work is inspired by the principles and values of peace and nonviolence, equality in diversity, human rights, democracy and active participation, respect for the environment, cooperation, communication, solidarity, social inclusion, respect, tolerance and interculturality.

  • UK-Certified Knowledge Association: Uk-Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA) is a professional awarding organisation. It offers a huge choice of academic programmes with something to suit everyone in their chosen career paths.

Learning materials and assessment tools developed with the curriculum based on the qualifications will contribute to the development of institutional and personal capacities which will be used by the training institutions and trainers in this area. It is envisaged that the project will be further enhanced at the national and international level by the long-term target group, by supporting the project results and developing new projects.