Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell Educazione e lo Sviluppo

Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell Educazione e lo Sviluppo CEIPES is a non-profit European organization with antennas in more than 8 European countries. CEIPES’ work is inspired by the principles and values of peace and nonviolence, equality in diversity, human rights, democracy and active participation, respect for the environment, cooperation, communication, solidarity, social inclusion, respect, tolerance and interculturality. CEIPES works at local, European and international level with more than 40 organisations and public bodies that work in synergy to reach identical goals. At local level CEIPES coordinates the CEIPES Network, which is based in Sicily and counts more than 20 organisations as well as public and private bodies.

The main purpose of CEIPES is to promote the Education and Development of young people and adults through activities in education, training, culture, nonviolence, interculturality, solidarity, human rights, active citizenship, international cooperation, and promote services thus contributing to human and civil growth at individual, community and world levels.

  • CEIPES is divided into different sectors, each one developing specific projects with the support of professional intervention teams. Each sector is coordinated by a responsible that pays great attention to the quality of the service and activities carried out.

  • The staff of the CEIPES is composed of many professional experts with different competences in several sectors such as psychology, communication, formation, international cooperation, social and cultural mediation, social assistance, informatics and law.

  • The association relies on the collaboration of more than 25, mostly young, people who are also specialised in the above sectors, and who work in CEIPES’s activities.


Vision and Mission:

CEIPES is active in the field of social and human development that works through education and training for a world of peace and equality in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the universal human rights.

The mission of CEIPES is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation.


  • To promote education and development for all the people at any age as a tool to foster individual and collective grow.

  • To fight all forms of discrimination with the aim of contributing to community development, promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities.

  • To encourage intercultural dialogue with the objective of fostering mutual understanding and respect between individuals from different cultures, building the awareness of the intercultural enrichment achieved through the sharing of values, traditions and different modus vivendi.

  • To promote lifelong learning, vocational training and entrepreneurship with the aim of enhancing opportunities for youth and adults to improve and acquire competences and therefore boost their employability and inclusion.

  • To improve methodologies, develop innovative strategies and tools in the field of youth, education and training through active international cooperation, study and research.

  • To promote non-formal education as a vital tool in the education of youth and adults and as complementary to formal education.

  • To conduct international cooperation projects respecting equal opportunities and the principle of self-determination of people, as well as strengthen collaboration for the promotion of education, culture, peace and nonviolence, interculturality, solidarity, human rights and active citizenship.

  • To promote peace, nonviolence and human rights as the only way to reach a world of equality and solidarity in which all human beings enjoy their fundamental rights.

CEIPES has the operational capacity to implement the project activities and we have the necessary expertise in the fields of the project, the local partners necessary for implementation and sustainability as well as the motivation necessary.

Concerning the financial management CEIPES has an internal and external accountant that manages the finances of all projects and activities of CEIPES.

The territory of Sicily and Palermo are characterized by a high school dropout, bullying in the school, a lack of information centers and meeting place for young people, a low participation in social and political life, a high level of unemployment, a high rate of violence among young people, a high immigration and a system where equal opportunities are difficult to implement, among other aspects, such as geographical isolation resulting in the fact of being an island and the mafia, which operates in the territory from various lapses corrode growth and development.

  • Musa Kırkar – Project Coordinator
    Turkey Project Manager, Education Consultant

    President and founder of the ceipes. Project manager of numerous international research, training and innovation projects with particular referent of the areas of the integration and social inclusion, pedagogical development, education with vulnerable groups of people, didactic methods and training with teachers/trainers and parents.

  • Fulvio Grassadonio
    Contact Person, Project Manager

    Working in the cooperation ınnovation and research department at ceıpes. He has a wide experience in eu funded projects management and coordination. He is graduated in psychology and he cooperated with the psychology department of the university of palermo for several researches about youth engagement, learning disabilities and difficulties, disorders during childhood and other stages of life span.

  • Eddy Sanfılıppo
    Project Manager

    Working in the cooperation ınnovation and research department at ceıpes. He graduated in ınternational cooperation and has a master in middle eastern studies at the soas university in london. His main fields of expertise are communication and advocacy in the fields of human rights and youth empowerment. He is fluent in french, english  and spanish language.

  • Alessandro Imborgıa

    Adult education and training department responsible: vice director and founding member of ceıpes. Degree in economic development and ınternational cooperation, he has furthered his skills doing a master in ınternational cooperation at the università cattolica of milan.

  • Irene Capozzı

    Youth education and training department responsible: she is a trainer in non-formal education working with the pool of trainers of the ıtalian national youth forum.she has great experience in european project management and in the implementation of trainings and non-formal educational activities targeting youth, disadvantaged groups, immigrants, long term unemployed, adult women with the competences in the field of human rights, leadership and active participation, personal and social development, and european structured dialogue. She speaks fluent ıtalian, english and spanish.