EURO-CERT– European Academy of Certification and Education gGmbH is located in Berlin, capital of Germany in a region Brandenburg and was founded in December 2012. We cooperate with several Vocational schools, Training Center, University and organizations located in European Union and specialy Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria and United Kingdome. We organize work placements and study visits in the field of many professions mostly on the area of Berlin / Brandenburg in Germany.

EURO-CERT is a Academy for Vocational Training and providing good conditions for the inclusion of people from other countries / educational institutions for a guest stay and learning with our experience. It has many years of experience in national and international business. The main focus of their work consist in the qualification of management personnel, management consultancy as well as training personnel for new working areas with new professional requirements and software solutions. According to management system requirements the firms, projects or individuals are coached so that they can handle the new tasks.

We have:

  • Classrooms and faculty (with multiple languages)

  • Objects of care for recreation and culture and also to the necessary personnel, with experience of the target group
  • Stay in the adjacent boarding schools or individuals in the urban area are available.
  • For study tours and internships, we have a strong network of regional medical, sozialen and care facilities, which we also use for their own participants.


EURO-CERT belongs to the successful offerers for further training and IT-consultation. For several years the enterprise with a comprehensive contributes IT-Know-how on the further education sector in the German market to a lasting improvement of the success position of its customers. EURO-CERT Berlin concentrates in the further training consistently on vocational as well as sociopolitical and linguistic education and or further training of young person, student/inside, job seeker, working person as well as entrepreneur/inside and uses themselves beyond that for international projects. Emphasis is the switching of knowledge and talents, which serve the vocational training as well as can for the management of vocational tasks, for the preservation of the vocational efficiency and for the promotion of the vocational ascent contribute. EURO-CERT several years working closely with partners in other European countries cooperate in implementing mobility projects.

EURO-CERT has archived quality assurance and has certification to EN NORM ISO 9001:2015 and is an expert in arranging intercultural educational workshops/meetings for students and organizing intercultural training and activities for trainees, teachers etc., both at local and international levels. Further we intend an intensified shaping in the international framework, in particular in bilateral communication and further training between Turkey and Germany. Humans the possibility are to be ordered to exchange and develop further on a qualitative level in education and further training (e.g. EFQM standard accordingly) experiences and knowledge on a competent and high level. In order as much as possible covering between the education ranges and – carriers to obtain, the acknowledgment of the furnished achievements in the further training is to be analyzed by the introduction of comparable evaluations accordingly (EU Standard and EN ISO Certificat).

We have experiences in the programming in the programming of data bases and web pages, in the application of e-business-systems, of data security tools and electronic signature systems. The courses are customer oriented and evaluated according to their objectives. Management consultants, lecturers, advisors as well as personnel experienced in project management and educational areas are all part of the team. According to our partners needs this service is extended to arranging accommodation, meal, linguistic and cultural offer. Additionally the group works together with specialists in international organisations.

EURO-CERT e-learning solution is a well-established full-service e-learning provider for the core areas of e-learning: content creation, authoring and software development. In Europe the company is mainly known as a high level e-learning content provider. In addition to the state-of-the-art learning management platform, the company also offers innovative software programmes for authoring digital multimedia course contents, and a wide range of high quality, multi-lingual content including Entrepreneurs Skills Certification and IT courses. The e-learning as portfolio is complemented by a range of other services: consulting services during the development of training programmes, developing course contents, operating and maintaining complete e-learning solutions and combining e-learning with traditional classroom training (hybrid courses).

  • Project Coordinator
    Aydemir Özer

  • Contact Person
    Dr. Walter Riccius

    Was worked both manager and business developer, in several EU-Projects and in different local National Projects, furthermore he controlled Project Finance and Budgets. Also he is a Project Cycle Management Trainer. He has assists many EU Project as an assessor. Highly qualified manager with substantial experience from large-scale international projects within EU, as well as different agencies within United Nations, the World Bank and Germany bilateral aid agencies, with unique capabilities, experiences. He has among other coordinated/developed tools for competence framework-based tools used in a number of EQF-related competency and qualification framework comparisons, competency audits based on EQF reference levels. He has an extensive background in e-business and has been working professionally with R&D in medical area based on IT-technology since 1994 both from technical and business aspects. He has participated in European projects where he has contributed actively to educational methodology developments, developing and administrating e-learning and collaboration platforms, using ICT for learning purposes. Academic background in IT, business & economics, and behavioral science. Specialized in leadership and project management. Strong professional interest in business development, management, and product development.

  • Researcher
    Tuncay Ozer

    He has a degree in IT Specialist of Technical University Berlin. He is an expert in vocational education, designer of pedagogical/training contents; in charge of the Training Department at EUROCERT. He has been working as a manager and coordinator of training projects since 2010. Also he has experiences in the development of the trainings. He has been managing teacher education courses and seminars for 14 years.  He has good communication skills gained through his experiences as a stage actor and good ability of using technological equipments. He has participated in several EU projects.

    He worked for many years as a manager and project leader in several institutions. In this function, he created and managed several national and international projects in the field of vocational education. He was worked in several Transfer of Innovation projects,  Comenius and LDV-Mobility project and worked as project manager, project researcher. In this time he cooperates with different ministries of education and culture in the Germany. He is a financial and international relations expert. He works with the computer, programing tools and has been involved in the several EU projects as an assistant and project leader. He is for National Education an experienced organization on EU, National and local projects. It has implemented many many projects within the Lifelong Learning Program.