Intellectual Output – One
Vocational Qualifications

Training programs to be developed in the field of Railway Systems Passenger Services, Identification of occupational qualifications in the framework of NQF and EQF about the field before the preparation of the module and training material. 

The project partner countries have undertaken the work with stakeholder institutions to determine their national qualifications. The results were shared on the project website. The existing occupational standards in the partner countries have been reviewed. All parties involved in this issue prepared analysis reports. EQF and NQF general principles, definition of occupation, determination of occupational standards, determination of vocational qualifications were carried out. The project partners identified a common roadmap for vocational qualifications and training modules. This issue is decided at the second meeting.

Developed of education program and relevant materials were   carried out:

  • Determined/revised/harmonized  qualifications of the relevant occupations based on the occupational standards.

  • Developed qualification tables were carried out.

  • Developed  tasks analysis were carried out.

As Aaresult; Present occupational standards were revised  with the project partners. Following this relevant qulalifications based on these occupational standards will be revised.