TCDD Transportation Inc.

It is foreseen that Turkey State Railways is to be restructured as an affiliated infrastructure under the Turkish Railways and also Turkish Railways Transportation Inc. is to be established as the railways train management in accordance with the Law No. 6461 published in the Official Gazette dated 01/05/2013.

Within this recpect the Republic of Turkey State Railways Transportation Ins. was started following the publication of the Law in the Official on 4 June 2016.
The following items are under the responsibility of the Turkey State Railways:

  • To manage the railway business and to manage the railway traffic as well as to establish the railway infrastructure for the high speed and fast train transportation;

  • To import and export all kinds of tools, materials, spare parts, machinery and equipment related to its duty and activity areas;

  • To establish agencies in the country and abroad in ralation to its working field;

  • To make agreements with the railways of foreign countries, to participate in the international associations;

  • To provide the necessary services, including consultancy in the fields of transportation, logistics, information and telecommunication, related to their duties and fields of activity;

  • To provide vocational education, seminars, and courses and issue certificates for these and to establish and manage training and accredition centers within this respect;

  • To provide engineering and consultancy services in the country and abroad;

  • To carry out Research and Development works;

  • To faciliate the provision of  the skill-building programs in the context of employment development studies;

  • To guide small and medium-sized private institutions established or to be established in the administrative and technical fields.

Approximately 16 thousand staff are employed within the General Directorate of Turkey State Railways in the whole country.

High speed train services have been provided by the General Directorate of Turkey State Railways since March 2009. There is a great difference between the high speed train services and the conventional train transport services. High speed train ground services are quite different from the conventional train transport services in terms of welcoming and sending passengers, services for the persons with special needs etc and they are at a much better level. However there is still need to improve these services more and one of the main objectives of the General Directorate is to increase the level of these services upto European counterparts’ level especially in a way to be in harmony with EU countries. The need for the project has derived from this need.

  • TCDD Transportation Inc. General Manager – Project Coordinator
    Veysi  Kurt

  • TCDD Transportation Inc. Eskişehir Railway Passenger Service Manager – Contact Person
    Aykut Özay

  • TCDD Transportation Inc. Railway Passenger Service Director – Staff
    Erol Arıkan